Guess the Movie

Page Updated 26th Feb 2013

A fun way to kill time and impress chicks is to draw a scene from a movie in Microsoft Paint and see if people can guess what the movie is.  It generally takes twenty minutes or so to make the image, and about four seconds to name it, but it's still fun.

I made these - can you guess them?
[The answers are in white text beneath the picture - highlight the screen and you'll see.]

Movie 1.  Difficulty: As difficult as a French girlfriend

Solution:  Bad Boys 2

Movie 2.  Difficulty: A teeny bit hard.

Solution: Twilight

Movie 3.  Difficulty: For men, none.  For women, lots.

Solution: The Hunt for Red October

Movie 4.  Difficulty: This one is hard not.

Solution: Borat

Movie 5.  Difficulty: Easy if you've seen it, which you likely haven't.

Solution: The Proposal

Movie 6.  Difficulty: Infinitely harder than a suprasternal notch.

Solution: The English Patient

Movie 7.  Difficulty: Harder if you returned the videotapes.

Solution: American Psycho

Movie 8.  Difficulty: This one's a dog with fleas.

Solution: Wall Street

Movie 9.  Difficulty: Might have to ask a friend.

Solution: Slumdog Millionaire

Movie 10.  Difficulty: "I'm impossible." "Who told you that?" "Fraulein Josephine.  Four governesses ago."
Solution: The Sound Of Music

Movie 11. Difficulty: Easy.

Solution: Silence of the Lambs


  1. 10 April, 2011 - Added picture #10

  2. I need to watch The Sound of Music, then I'll be able to make fun of it in your company, just to upset you.